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During this crisis, we're offering our serviced houses and apartments at zero profit to those who need it most*, in the Reading & Slough area. 


We'll also be running a grocery and essential supply service on request. 

*Please see below for eligibility before enquiring. 

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Who is Eligible? 

1. Anyone who is currently showing symptoms or is at high risk of contracting Covid-19 (i.e NHS staff) 

  • This was our primary intention & focus when we decided to make this offer to the public. 

  • After speaking with a good friend of ours who’s currently an Anaesthetist in Exeter, it became apparent that NHS workers in particular were in need of temporary accommodation. 

  • We also thought about those who are showing symptoms and need to self-isolate away from friends and loved ones. 

2. Foreign Nationals who are unable to return home due to closed borders

  • Soon after this crisis started to unfold, we were contacted by two professionals currently working in the UK who needed our support after learning that they were unable to return home due to their country completely closing its borders. 

3. Key workers who need accommodation to work 

  • Key workers are people whose jobs are vital to public health & safety during the coronavirus outbreak. 

  • The government has now published a list on who is being considered a key worker. Please visit the UK government website for more information.


We’ve been working hard towards our mission of creating genuinely comfortable and relaxing homes-from-home for those that spend large amounts of their time on the road and living in temporary accommodation for work. We’ve also had the pleasure of hosting families, couples, singletons (and everyone in-between!) for leisurely weekends and holidays. 


Over the last 2 Years, we’ve built up to 22 homes across Reading & Slough, we were on the cusp of hiring our first employee, and crucially, we were considering taking a couple of well-earned holidays ourselves!

Then of course the pandemic unfolded, including all the fallout that has come along with it...

We experienced a considerable slow down immediately, and since the lockdown started earlier this week, almost all unnecessary travel has been (rightfully!) banned. We soon found ourselves in a position where we have bookings drying up and had to face the hard reality, like many small businesses across the country, that we might need to close up shop.

It was around this time that we started being approached by various people in need: nurses & doctors who needed to self-isolate away from families and loved ones, key workers who needed accommodation whilst working away from home, and finally two professionals who were stranded in the UK after their home country closed its borders.


We realised that we were in the unique position of having empty properties that are professionally cleaned, and have all the basics needed for someone to move in and live in a moment’s notice. We therefore decided to offer our properties to those in need at no profit, only passing on what it costs for us to run the service.

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